Undergraduate Students Research Grant


The KFUPM Undergraduate Students Research Grants (USRG) flexibly and responsibly provides research support to undergraduate students with outstanding credentials who interested in pursuing quality research work. The Grant intends to stimulate the interest in research and innovation among KFUPM undergraduate students, and inspire many of them to become future research leaders. Innovation is the corner stone for any economical growth in the future. An Annual Undergraduate Research Contest will liven the program and conduce a campus wide spirit for undergraduate research. This Grant might also persuade students to improve their academic performance as it is restricted to Honor Students.

USRG Objectives and Eligibility

Objectives: USRG aims to stimulate a culture for undergraduate research by supporting outstanding undergraduate students interested in pursuing innovative research as they pursue academic excellence.

Eligibility: KFUPM full-time undergraduate Honors students, with innovative research project plans, supported by a Faculty Member or Full-time Researcher, are eligible to apply for USRG that could provide up to 12 months of research funding. Two deserving students may participate in a single project; however, a student shall not participate in two USRG grants concurrently. Furthermore, a single Supervisor should not mentor two USRG grants concurrently