FAQs for KU-KFUPM Joint Research Program

Q1: Can I submit a whitepaper without a collaborator from the other university?

No, the whitepaper should have at least a PI from KFUPM and a PI from KU.

Q2: Can I include an investigator from another university besides KFUPM and KU?

No, this funding is only for KFUPM and KU Faculty members.

Q3: Can you share estimates on the amount of available funds and duration of the projects?

The details of the funding will be shared with the selected projects after the screening of the whitepapers.

Q4: Could you indicate the scale/size of the funding for each KFUPM-KU Joint Research project? 

Following the launch of the KU-KFUPM joint research program last week we have had a number of enquiries regarding the duration and funding available for proposed projects. As such please note the program will allow projects of up to a maximum duration of 36 months (shorter projects are welcome) with funding for the equivalent of 1 post doc researcher plus opex and limited travel (including visits to KFUPM). As with all internal calls no Capex budget will be made available.

Q5: Will the fund support 1 postdoc by each institute? or only support PhD students?

The fund will support two postdocs for each project (one at each university). 

Q6: Is the list of publications and references cited counted in the 2 pages?

List of publications and references cited are not counted in the 2 pages and does not have to include all relevant publications (no more than 10 for the whole team)

Q7: Will the postdoc be affiliated to KU or KFUPM? 

There will be one postdoc hired at each university for the project. So, one postdoc affiliated with KU and one with KFUPM.