The Coronavirus Innovation Proof of Grant is Established

11 April 2020

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, responsible for COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be persuasive and deadly to our most vulnerable. The Coronavirus Innovation Proof of Grant is established to provide KFUPM faculty and researchers an opportunity to contribute with their innovative abilities in local and global efforts to overcome extraordinary challenges presented by this pandemic.

Grant Objectives: The main objective is to develop innovative products/applications/services that could help Saudi Arabia in handling the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Scope of the Grant

·         Area of research shall be from KFUPM Scientific fields (E.g.: Information Technology, Use of Data Science/ Databases, Use of drones, robots, Life and business adaptation, Crisis communication, Digitalization, Automation, etc.,)

·         Please note that the topics should not include the vaccination or the drugs (as these topics are not related to KFUPM’s knowledge fields).

Grant Timeline

·         April 9, 2020: Call for proposals

·         April 16, 2020: Application deadline

·         April 21, 2020: Presentation to PoC committee

·         May 1, 2020: start of the project for 30-days


Project Duration and Budget: Project must be executed in 1 month within budget of SAR 60 K. (Includes compensation for team members).

Eligibility and Application : All KFUPM Faculty and Researchers are eligible to apply.

·         Application submission by email for proposed concepts (of 1-page write-up) - Deadline 16th April 2020

·         For the accepted concepts: Submission of plan for developing minimum viable product/application/service (PowerPoint Presentation) – Deadline 21st April 2020 .

·         For the accepted plans: DSR will process the grant fund on Thursday May 1, 2020.

·         Successful projects (Potential minimum viable products/applications/services) can apply for seed funding from DTVC for startup formation.

For Submission: Send 1-page application describing in brief the challenge, concept/solution, execution approach, team and total budget through Abhathi. For any question, email: