A Newly Commercialized Chemical for Treating Unwanted Residues in Oil Industry

08 July 2019

KFUPM has developed a new chemical product that allows oil companies to process different residues produced during oil and gas drilling and production operations. This product is unique in its operation and provides a solution that significantly improves the environmental health and safety. KFUPM has licensed the technology to SAS Environmental Services, a company based in the UK and USA that is renowned for oilfield waste processing products. The company is working to integrate its precision technologies with University technology to provide greater benefits to the sector and set new standards for industrial performance.

Oil and gas wells are drilled using oil and water based drilling fluids. To control the high pressure of oil and gas reservoirs, high density materials are added to the drilling fluids. These high density weighting materials create unwanted residues on the formation face during the drilling process. Oil based drilling fluids are used to drill oil and gas reservoirs which are sensitive to water. After the drilling process is complete some of the weighting material along with some of the oil residue will remain at the face of the reservoir causing skin damage. If these materials are not removed properly, the reservoir will not deliver the expected rates of oil and gas production and this will lead to loss of investment made to drill these reservoirs.